What are your reasons for not working out (besides you just don't want to...guilty)? You don't have time to work out, you don't have the funds to join a gym or you're too intimidated to go shopping for the gear, right? What if I told you the place where you already go grocery shopping is adding yet another feature to make your life easier and wipe out another excuse in your life? Shop Hy-Vee! Some stores are adding nail salons and eyewear shops, others are offering apparel and shoes, not to mention their longtime mission of selling some of the best quality grocery items around.

The newest Hy-Vee "superstore" is set to open in Grimes, Iowa this week, and part of it will include one of the first of its kind fitness shops. That's right, the store with the helpful smile in every aisle is all set to help you shape up, too.

You'll be able to offset those "12-oz. curls" with a new elliptical to burn it off. You'll soon be able to do both at Hy-Vee thanks to their partnership with Johnson Fitness & Wellness. According to Supermarket News, the stores will feature "an omnichannel shopping experience, as products that customers see and test can be ordered online from Johnson Fitness & Wellness via a kiosk and QR codes. Free curbside home shipping is available for most items and, for an additional cost, customers can get in-home delivery and installation."

The partnerships with Johnson Fitness & Wellness will mean showrooms in select stores featuring products from Matrix Fitness, Vision Fitness, Horizon Fitness and Synca Wellness, among others.

Hy-Vee says they are adding fitness equipment as part of a heavier push to promote their health offerings, including their in-store dietitians and HealthMarket departments. I think it's a great idea. I would just suggest putting the fitness closer to the energy drinks than the Wine & Spirits department or the bakery.


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