"Just pretend like you're talking to one person". It's a trick we're taught when we first learn the ropes of radio to combat our nervousness.

But we sure hope there are more than one of you out there, and the most recent ratings show there are, so we thank you. But, sometimes it's hard to tell, being cooped up here in a studio with no one to talk to but ourselves (and each other...which by the way, in some cases gets really old really fast! I kid, because I love.)

We love being your favorite listen-at-work station, but we also love to know where that is, so we can connect with and recognize our many great local businesses and listeners.

We'd love it if you would fill out the form below and let us add you to our listener database. With so many new ways to listen, including Alexa-enabled devices and our free mobile app, we also hope to be part of your life after you clock out.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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