It's the hour change we all regret, "Spring Forward", when we lose an hour of sleep.  No one cares about the additional hour of daylight they're gaining, self included.  It's all about the lost sleep. So we drag our feet Sunday morning and reach for that extra cup of coffee. But thanks to a clock I missed changing, I need an extra cup of coffee today too, for 2 reasons.

The clock I missed?  The thermostat.  Because of the new kitty, we relocated to sleeping downstairs last night to be fair to our current cat.  However, I didn't sleep well, and woke up completely frozen.  Sure, it's still chilly outside, but it seemed unusually cold this morning.  The kind of cold where you can't stand the thought of getting out of bed, even though the alarm is going off.  That's about the moment we realized the furnace hadn't clicked on yet. First thought: it's not that warm out, right?  Could the furnace have broken?

And then we realized I missed changing the thermostat time.  It's too old to have the auto time change programmed in.  You can guess where I headed as soon as I got out of bed. (Followed by a cup of coffee to help wake up and warm up.)


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