Here it is, three weeks removed from the end of the holiday season, and the end of  Christmas music season here on 104-5 KDAT. I've got to tell you, I might be having withdrawals.

Of course, I may or may not still be listening to it at home on my own music devices, but that's beside the point.

But imagine being down in Columbus, Georgia, where rumor has it, a radio station by the name of, ironically,  "SUNNY 100" has just made the switch to an all-Christmas format...YEAR-ROUND! The ratings and/or listener response will dictate how long this switch will last. Things like this are often also an intentional publicity stunt. Time will tell. But, could you tolerate this?

Naturally, ever since we flipped the switch back, the weather has been MUCH more conducive to put one in the mood for the sounds of the holidays than during much of that month-and-a-half we were wall-to-wall with Christmas music. We'll be in the 30s and 40s next week. Not bad, but I'm sure you recall the very recent temps at or below zero for a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, today's high was supposed to be 46 degrees there before warming back up to the 50s and 60s next week.

I think I would take that trade-off.

UPDATE: That didn't take long! In a "shocking" turn of events, on Thursday, four days after the switch to all Christmas music,"SANTA 100" has just as suddenly changed to an all hip-hop format!

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