The holidays are over, and now here we go into the long days of winter, but they don't have to be boring.

Everyone is looking for something fun to do this time of the year to avoid the winter doldrums. And of course, with the pandemic, many indoor activities, are either canceled or scaled way back. And I think even the most ardent "couch potatoes" are growing tired of watching TV and staring at the four walls. It's time to get outside and enjoy Iowa in the winter time! Whoops, yah I know, that sounds like a misnomer but it really can be fun. Temperatures are forecasted to be in the upper 20's to mid-30's over the next couple of weeks, that's the best we're doing in January my friend, so if you see even a hint of sunshine get out there and soak in the vitamin D and the warm rays.

Here's the "Top 12 Fun Outside Activities To Do In Iowa" to get you started:

Top 12 Fun Outside Activities To Do In Iowa

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