Looking for something fun and festive to watch this Friday night? Flip to Lifetime for some Iowa flair with the new holiday movie "A Taste of Christmas".

Nia Vardalos of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" fame leads a cast that also features Waterloo native Anni Krueger. Krueger plays Natalie who sets out to help her cousin open an Italian restaurant, on Christmas Eve, and if you're familiar with these types of movies you can probably figure out where it goes after she meets one of the hunky staff members named Stefano.

Krueger told the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier she auditioned for the role in 2019 in Helen, Georgia about 90 minutes outside Atlanta. She noted that whether she got the role or not, she wanted to make it a festive experience in the magical country town. That in itself sounds like Christmas movie fare.

"We were there for three weeks. It felt so festive and the weather was mild, and it was cool shooting a Christmas movie around Christmas time. I worried that I’d miss the Christmas spirit working and not being home, but it just felt so Christmas-y and lovely, that I felt so lucky."

The singer/actress is now excited to share her experience on the small screen with her proud fellow Iowans, and the rest of the world. Check local listings for Lifetime's "A Taste of Christmas" Friday night at 7 and look for Iowa's own Anni Krueger.

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