Last week, we told you about the teal pumpkins on trick-or-treat night. They symbolize that chid's need for allergen-free or even non-food items as treats.

Well, there's also another colored pumpkin with a special meaning. To raise awareness for and understanding of autism, look out for a blue pumpkin. A child holding one has autism and will have more difficulty than others when trick-or-treating.

Walmart is likely to be an easy place to find one if you need one.

Cedar Valley Autism Warriors offers support to families who have children with autism. Stacy Ward is a spokesperson for the group who says autistic kids might be uncomfortable waiting in line, being around large groups like there will be out Thursday night, or in speaking to you, so please exercise extra awareness and understanding for them.

Find out what times local towns will host trick-or-treating hours tomorrow and stay safe, warm and aware,


[Via KWWL]

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