Pets are supposed to be our best friends, but something they're our worst enemies!

A recent article from the Daily Mail told the story of Eve, a cat who cause $40,000 worth of damage to her owners' home.

40. Thousand. Dollars. Just let that sink in.

Owner Amber told the news outlet:

"My husband and I went to bed at about 10 p.m. and we had put Eve in the laundry room to sleep, as we have done for the past year. Around 6 a.m. the next morning Joe woke up for work, he went out of our room to get his uniform and was greeted by water almost at our front door. He quickly went to find the source of where it was coming from and found Eve on top of the washing machine with the laundry tap on full blast and the tap had been pushed so that it was looking directly at the ground."

Drying out the house and replacing all the carpet and food floors, plus the electric bills for the week, ended up costing the couple between 30 to 40 thousand dollars.

Has your pet ever ruined something valuable? We asked listeners to share their stories with us on Facebook. Here are some of the best responses:

  • Emily Dyer - "Our dog, while we were gone for our wedding, had someone checking in on him... decided to pull up our carpet, gnaw on our white trim around the walls, and puncture holes in our garden hose. Lesson learned, take the dog with us."
  • Neana Mencl Clark - "My good printer. My cat loved to shove his paws into it and attack outgoing paper. Nothing I could do kept him from protecting us from that alien paper. Broke my most expensive printer."
  • Jaime Zaruba - "My first dog ate my mom's dentures! But that was only one of many things he destroyed. He's lucky we loved him."
  • Amanda J. Wiebold - "Passport, 3 days before I was supposed to leave the country."
  • Tami Wilcox Shaw - "Our dog ate our kitchen floor. Tore it right up to shreds."
  • Katherine Miller - "My dog chewed up my mom's iPhone while she was taking a nap."
  • Jamie Moore - "I had a diamond necklace by the sink, my cat swiped it down the drain. I think she looked at me as she did it!"
  • Denise Schutterle Tucker - "Stray lab mix we took in when I was a teenager ate the seat and all the wiring on our 3-wheeler (ATV)."
  • Krista Drees - "Appropriate because today is our 14th anniversary but while on our honeymoon our cat decided to chew several holes in my wedding veil while we were gone."
  • Megan Dudley - "I have a dog who has an avid chewer and has ruined multiple things but the one that really made me mad was I finally sprung for a $160 dog bed that was indestructible. Less than 12 hours he had that thing shredded."
  • Miranda Walt - "I have a friend whose puppy chewed up an envelope that had $500 that they had just got for Christmas."
  • Morgan Atkinson - "Not necessarily anything valuable, but really expensive! Our dog Payzley broke her leg… She chewed up 13 casts in a 10-week time frame...We tried multiple cones of shame, muzzles, everything and she still was able to chew them up somehow."
  • Kimberly Hartsell - "I went and got my new car title and got it registered. While I was putting on my license plates, my dog decided the title and registration would be delicious and better in his stomach."
Kimberly Hartsell
Kimberly Hartsell
  • Lindsay Pearson - "My handsome lab chewed up everything when he was a pup, but the biggest thing was he ate part of my son's game system!!"
Lindsay Pearson
Lindsay Pearson

Share your best pet-destruction stories with us in the comments below!

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