I don't feel good lately. Not, like, "sick sick", although as usual, enough WebMDing is making me start to wonder. It's summer and instead of having fun, I'm wasting it worrying (a problem which, in and of itself, could be a contributor to the following).

Pretty much ever since I moved in March, when I coincidentally also turned 40, something has been "off". I've been pretty much clinically obese my whole life, although I didn't really feel as such until recently, so there's got to be something else. Here's what else I've noticed.

  • I'm relying on a lot of caffeine, and not just coffee, to get me through the day.
  • I'm not really eating properly timed out meals, if I'm eating them at all, to the point where at the next meal I "binge". (A lot of salty snacks and carbs, which I never thought about until someone pointed it out when I asked about this on Facebook).
  • My sleeping habits are all over the map. (I might need a new mattress).
  • More stress at my already sedentary job due to more (potentially just perceived) responsibilities and being a perfectionist.
  • Lack of exercise. I've never been great at doing this but with no room in the new house for my elliptical, it's gotten worse.
  • Lack of social activity (meaning, being around people outside of a work setting) and all of the above making me irritable, which is never good for your physical health.

As I mentioned, I started doing "research" on the issue online, and friends have suggested everything from simply drinking more water to going to the doctor to be tested for thyroid issues (or diabetes, which I've diagnosed myself with). I know that's not something to mess around with, and I don't mean to make light of it, but I'm afraid to go to the doctor in fear of what I might find out.

Are these just normal changes in my body and mind due to the age I've just reached? Can I still chalk it up to emotional stress from the move? Or should I definitely go and get it checked? If you have any suggestions, please weigh in in the comments. Thanks!


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