One of the first mistakes you're probably already making in the New Year is to keep writing "2019" on everything instead of "2020".

Once you finally figure that out, USA Today reports that it's also important to write "2020" in full on everything you need to fill out, for a very good reason.

It is something you might not have thought about but you should. If you simply write the abbreviation 20, you're opening yourself up to financial scammers. It's very easy to finish filling in the year incorrectly--for instance, by adding a 19, 18, 17 and so forth to the end and making the document legally inaccurate, causing a lot of damage to your credit and identity, and also potentially letting the scammers steal your money.

So once again, have a safe and Happy "2020" and don't let a simple mistake cause you a ton of headaches.

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[Via USA Today]

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