The "snow day" is an annual Winter rite of passage for kids. Waiting to hear from Mom and Dad about that call or text from the school telling you it's too cold or snowy to come to class. Wouldn't it be a bummer if it went away?

Amid the pandemic, with about 70 percent of kids in the Cedar Rapids School district having returned to in-person learning, according to KCRG, there was growing uncertainty whether the option to shift gears and learn at home at the drop of a hat would effectively do away with weather days this school year.

The answer from the Cedar Rapids Community School District? It will not.

First, KCRG says that a letter from CRCSD implied it wouldn't be as simple as a "drop of a hat". The district noted that although all students should already  have the devices and equipment they need, as issued by the school district, they will factor in the challenges weather may cause to internet access (and transportation) in the colder months.

CRCSD announced that despite its varying and complex schooling arrangements due to the pandemic, they are getting ahead of the confusion and acknowledging that weather delays and cancellations will be conducted the same as always.

More from the aforementioned letter stated that "both in-person and remote learners will not
convert to online learning if there is a weather-related delay, cancellation or early dismissal. Cancellations will be made up after June 1

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