I know. It sort of sounds contradictory to everything you've thought before, but who am I to argue with John Tesh?

On his Twitter feed recently, I saw a video which you can watch below. He looked into studies and cited neuroscientist Dr. Jack Lewis who said the more you DO over the weekend, the longer it will feel. Social activity creates memorable experiences, which will cause you to look back on your weekend with more fulfillment. It could even psychologically add at least six hours and up to an entire extra day to the weekend.

Whereas, simply vegging out or doing your tedious chores and errands and nothing else, will make the weekend feel shorter and less enjoyable. It makes lots of sense. I worked all weekend, but a little R&R on Friday night out with the gang sure made the rest of the weekend easier to handle!

I have a theory that one reason people hate Monday so much is because they're already stressing about it on Sunday, wasting valuable weekend enjoyment.

So, if you've got that common case of the Mondays today, think about how you spent your weekend. If you feel like it was too short, figure out how to squeeze in a little more fun from now on.

Although, I'm pretty sure no amount of socializing can make us dread the return to the workweek THAT much less!

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