Winter is coming and one of the problems it presents is how to stay active. In a way, I find it easier to exercise in colder weather, because it makes you want to move faster. Just make sure you've purchased some warm but comfortable clothing and gear that's not so heavy it weighs you down! So, what are some other ways to beat the lazy winter blues and keep your exercise routine in tact? Women's Fitness had some suggestions, so let's break them down, while also including some others.

  • Use Your Own Home

    Gym memberships are expensive, as is personal home exercise equipment. If you're lucky enough to have it, use it! The other obvious solution is to take advantage of walking and using the stairs as much as possible. This also applies at the office if you can squeeze in some exercise time there. There's always the tedious but necessary winter chores like shoveling, snowblowing and we all know the house always somehow needs cleaned a lot more often in the winter than any other time. All of these are effective activities for burning calories.

  • Check With Work About Health and Fitness Benefits

    You might be surprised to find out your employer can help you offset the cost of a gym membership. Join an exercise class as a group with your workmates and make it a fun team-building experience.

  • Get a Second Job

    I know: blah! But you could always use extra cash for the holidays anyway, so why not look for something that can keep you on your feet and moving for an extra few months?

  • Sports

    Learn or participate in a new winter sport like skiing, go skating, or if that doesn't appeal to you, again, brave the cold and go out for a jog or a walk.

  • Dance

    That's it. Just go dancing. Be social and break a sweat at the same time.

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