Midwestern culture is signature to us and apparently a lot of states want in.

I see this argument all the time on Instagram: what states are true Midwest and which ones are fringe or wannabes? Midwesterners have casseroles, ranch, 40 degree temperature changes in one week, and plenty of snow. Who wouldn't want to hang with us?

Let's start with the obvious: Illinois and Iowa are objectively Midwest.

Emerson College Polling and Middle West Review asked 11,000 residents in 22 states if they consider themselves in the Midwest.

Iowa & Minnesota have the strongest sense of Midwestern identity, with 97% of residents considering themselves in the Midwest.

The Questionable Ones

There are a few things that raise an eyebrow here. For example, I'm from Arkansas, which was one of the 22 states polled. Arkansas is definitely the South, but 26% of respondents said they consider it the Midwest. I've literally never met anyone from my home state that thinks it's the Midwest.

But the strongest sense of Midwest identity was found in: Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, South Dakota, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.


Are all of those states Midwest though? Are they actually?

Iowans own being not only in the Midwest, but over 95% of respondents said they themselves are Midwesterners. Heck yeah, pass the ranch.

Missouri also had a big sense of Midwesterner identity, though that state has been hotly debated as being Midwest or not.

The Actual Boundary

John Lauck from Middle West Review said this:

It is traditional to use the 100th meridian as a dividing line between the agrarian Midwest and the high plains

But the results try to push the 'Midwest' boundary further towards the Rockies.

What do you think? Which states do you consider Midwest? Let us know in the app chat!

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