As we approach the holiday season at the end of a very challenging year, you may be considering increasing the joy in your home by bringing a loving new pet into your family. It would be a great decision, as long as you and everyone in your household are ready to provide not only the love but also the long-term commitment it takes to welcome a furry new addition.

If that's you, then the Cedar Valley Humane Society is proud to announce they are one of 170 animal shelters in 35 states across the country partnering with the Bissell Pet Foundation (BPF) to give you the opportunity.

According to a press release via Bissell Pet Foundation, "Empty The Shelters: Holiday Hope" is one of seven special reduced-fare adoption programs the organization sponsors throughout the year, and this time around, it runs between December 9-13. All adoptions during this time are set at $25 or less, and all adoptable pets available have been microchipped and spayed or neutered to prevent further pet homelessness, so you can be safely assured they meet the proper guidelines. To adhere to COVID-19 and social distancing protocols, CVHS states on its website that in-person adoption meetings are currently by appointment only.

CVHS can tell you more about its participation and processes during the "Empty the Shelters: Holiday Hope" event so call them at (319)362-6288.

Make it a Merry Christmas and put a gleam in the eyes of you and your family before adopting one of these new furbabies into your life, by checking out who's waiting for you here.

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