I miss the days when hand sanitizer wasn't such a prevalent thing in my life. I kept it in the bottom of my purse and used it when I was at a bar or somewhere public. But now, hand sanitizer is basically liquid gold. Or at least, it was for a couple months. So much so I even debated making my own at one point just to have some.

When hand sanitizer became the world's most wanted item, production went full speed ahead. Companies that had nothing to do with hand sanitizer changed their business to start making some.

With the huge increase in hand sanitizer production, the FDA has stumbled across some issues. We've heard about ones that have too much methanol, but now we have a whole new issue. Hand sanitizer being packaged in confusing containers. Maybe not confusing for adults, but this could be very harmful to kids.

Here's the FDA's warning according to WGN -

We have discovered that some hand sanitizers are being packaged in beer cans, children’s food pouches, water bottles, juice bottles and vodka bottles. Additionally, we have found hand sanitizers that contain food flavors, such as chocolate or raspberry.

But why? I don't see the point other than marketing techniques? Either way, please be extremely cautious of the hand sanitizer you buy and have around the house. It only takes a small amount ingested by a kid to be fatal. You can read the full warning here -

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