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Hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks on the grill. Lemonade to wash it down, and the music of the '80s as your soundtrack.

Your 4th of July weekend is set. This Friday-Sunday, 104-5 KDAT presents the "Feel-Good '80s Weekend". It's just what it sounds like. Awesome '80s faves all weekend.

Let's take a stroll back in time. We skated at Skate Country and maybe skated a little closer when Madonna came on. A Flock of Seagulls, Rick Springfield, and of course, Hall & Oates were all there too. Remember picking up the new tunes fresh off the press from all of them at Sam Goody at the old Westdale Mall?

How awesome was it to then get to see them all live and in person at the legendary Five Seasons Center?  ZZ Top, .38 Special, Journey, Van Halen, they were all here.

I remember when my grandfather would spot me a 20 and take me to Lindbergh's department store in Sgt. Bluff, Iowa when we'd visit, and I'd grab every H & O cassette tape I could get my hands on.

And then, there was Chapman's Fun World. Who could forget?

It's memories like these that will come rushing back this weekend as 104-5 KDAT helps you celebrate your independence and your love of the '80s with our "Feel Good '80s Weekend". We also have a special treat starting Monday where the spotlight shines even brighter on this by-gone era. Stay tuned.

It's back to the days of Rubik's Cubes, parachute pants, breakdancing, boomboxes. Whatever memories you've tied to the "decade of decadence", one thing is clear: we all loved the music. We can't wait to take you back this weekend. We also have the perfect soundtrack to your fireworks excursions or for a reborn tradition that will be back full-pedal again this weekend: Cruisin' the Ave. We hope you'll join us!


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