One of the Corridor's favorite donut shops has been chosen among America's best! They recently boasted the news on Facebook.

It's called the "Underground Donut Tour" and according to the Facebook post:

The Underground Donut Tour is America’s only food tour specializing in donuts. We showcase the truly original & delicious donuts each city has to offer. Join us on a donut adventure in Chicago, New York, Portland, Seattle, Nashville, New Orleans & more!

In the running this year is one of Donutland's most popular items, the Cherry Chocolate Chip Donut.

Underground Donut Tour
Underground Donut Tour

Voting runs through Tuesday, May 17, and is broken down into specific categories. You'll have to scroll down quite a ways to get to the Donutland item, but you can check out all the nominated donuts in the different categories here (The voting link is at the top of the page).

As a reminder, Donutland has several stand-alone locations including the classic Center Point Road NE store, the soon-to-open Williams Blvd. location, and Iowa City. They are also available through Lu's Deli in NewBo and at Press Coffee in Iowa City.

All the winning donut shops get $500 each and the title of "America's Favorite". In addition, 5 random voters get tickets to the "Underground Donut Tour" itself.

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