104-5 KDAT is proud to announce our latest "Top Teacher" from Oak Hill Elementary, in the Clear Creek-Amana School District.

"Gus Creach exudes an enthusiasm for learning that is keenly felt in the energy of his students. Pupils actively seek to participate and succeed in each activity, and there is an emphasis on teamwork, alongside individual results. Gus strives to make deeper connections with his students, creating personalized handshakes and nicknames with each of them. Beyond excellent rates of success in the classroom, Gus imparts the importance of being kind and caring for each other in and out of the classroom."

That is an amazing list of personal and professional qualities that are what this award is all about. Thanks to Gus Creach for his dedication and to Ryson Stuart for letting us honor this outstanding educator, who is awarded a $25 Half-Price Books gift card and Collins Road Theatre movie passes.

If you'd like to nominate someone, please fill out the form below. To all of our hardworking teachers and their students, we hope you enjoy a brief holiday break next week and time with your families. Happy Thanksgiving.

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